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9661 Bay Pines Blvd.
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Crystal Dow


I began my infatuation with makeup and beauty at a young age.  I would go to volunteer at the special ed school in Newcastle and do the kid’s makeup and on myself since the 3rd grade.  I always thought I’d go into veterinary school because of my love for animals. When I was in middle school we lost a dog to cancer, and I realized I’d also have to put animals down. I then took an interest in cosmetic surgery and psychology.  The psych itch got scratched a bit while bar-tending as a student.  I got a certification in nutrition and fitness at Sierra College, as well as obtaining a 200 hr yoga certification, which tapped me out in the school funding department of my budget.  As a new mom I decided I needed something stable and took the advice of my Cosmo friend who owned her own salon. I pursued esthetics. While esthetics is broad with services and modalities to offer, I decided to take it further.  I feel like there are so many other treatments I wanted to offer beyond facials and lash extensions.  I found a love for the beauty of skin without the need to cover it up with makeup. I love the artistry involved in makeup, but starting with clean, healthy canvas is so beneficial. Besides, our skin is our largest organ and is visibly the first thing people look at when they see you.  So many people worry about their hair and nails, but those things are literally waste. Then they ignore their skin, which needs love or you can end up with skin cancer, hyper-pigmentation, acne, rosacea and all kinds of other issues. I got certified in micro-pigmentation to do collagen induction / micro-needling to deal with a wide array of skin issues, such as scarring, hyper-pigmentation, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, wrinkles, and even hair loss on the scalp for both men and women. I’m also offering needle-less fillers for lips and wrinkles.  This is a hyaluronic acid based filler that lasts 3-4 mos, and is very moisturizing. There is very low risk for a reaction since your skin already contains this ingredient and loses it over time. Hyaluronic acid holds about a thousand times its weight in water and this product is cross linked to last and show fullness for the duration. I have worked with many skincare lines over the past few years of being in the industry (since 2013)  and performing thousands of facials. I chose to go with Skin Scripts for anti aging and acne because it’s natural and offers lovely scents in treatments and home care.  I also offer Hale & Hush for sensitive skin.